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Performance of your on-line store greatly depends on the success of your products. With Merchandising.IO, be sure to invest in the most effective ones.

Invest on relevant actions.

Spending hours to collect and process data does not always give you the feeling to get to the essential point?

As we're here to help, Merchandising.IO brings its algorithms to your benefits, and therefore detect the signals you need to generate growth. Your products are constantly scanned to give you insights on every product range. As a result, you save up time on analysis that you can reinvest on achieving your goals.

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Merchandising.IO Segments clients Merchandising.IO Segments clients charts

See your products performances through your shopper segments.

You want to know which product to choose for your next prospection news? What are your best-sellers on mobile devices?

With Merchandising.IO, you monitor your product performances through every traffic segments. You master each differences of your customer segments, and have the keys to adopt the right strategies.

Connect your data to your product visuals.

You manage hundreds, thousands of products on sale through your online store and you think that a table full of references is not the best way to fully understand your business? solution use your products visuals to help you better understand your offer. All your products informations are displayed within a simple over-fly of your visual. In one click, you filter your results by the attributes you care about, and sort them according to the indicators that matter.

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Merchandising.IO Top Product Merchandising.IO Top Product more data

Your information structure, your lines of analysis.

You want to know which brand have the best conversion rate? Which one of your categories brings you more revenue?

Merchandising.IO reconect all your data to your attributes. You find your categories like you have set them and analyze in detail the performance of your sublevels. You find your brands, sellers, materials and all other attributes that constitute your offer.

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