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The merchandising's app e-merchandisers have always wanted!
your products
Merchandising.IO reconnects your data to your products visuals to help you better understand your offer.
your time
Everyday, Merchandising.IO brings together all your data in a fast, clear and understandable interface.
your actions
Merchandising.IO continuously scans your products performances to give you the insights you need.

We've made the hard work for you transform your row data into a beautifully visual and ergonomic application. Save up time in the analysis process and enjoy a clear view of how you're selling on your online store

L'avant - après Merchandising.IO

Regain Control

We all agree that data is the raw material you need to work with in eCommerce. But as companies collect more and more of it, understand and see what was really going on through your online store started to be a very tedious work to do.

Our app is for people who aren’t analysts and want to see their data connecting to their products, to their customer segments, brands and categories. With Merchandising.IO, you regain control on your data.

What our customers say

Merchandising.IO testimonial motoblouz
"The time savings are huge for our choices of end aisle displays and for our analyzes."

Teddy Krzastel, eMerchandising manager at Motoblouz
Merchandising.IO testimonial Daxon
"Access to numbers is logical with respect to the navigation of our website."

Géraldine Guimbard, eMerchandising manager at Daxon

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